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Company Introduction

Dingson Food Machinery is a biscuit manufacturing company that is located in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China. It dedicated in the turn-key solution of biscuit processing equipment, which includes ingredient mixer, auto dough feeding system, biscuit forming section, baking oven, and after oven cooling and arranging system. The design philosophy of the company’s product are concentrated on automatization, digitalization and intelligentization.


DSM was established in the year of 2000. It was founded by a group of engineers that worked for the state-owned company and has experienced 20 years’ development of its growing importance in the biscuit machinery industry. DSM’s equipment has combined a series of superior technology that allow it to be outstanding among the numerous equipment manufacturing companies in China. Aiming at providing a product that gives the customers’ at their best convenience and maximizing their profits and advantages of biscuit production, DSM has developed and manufactured equipment with a wide capacity of accumulated data, high concentration of cascade control, various specification for customer’s selection, energy-saving, consistence, stable, high efficiency, ultra-safety, easy maintenance and easy cleaning.

Our Factory

Currently, DSM owns two factories in both Zhongshan and Zhuhai, the occupying space is approximately 18000㎡ for each factory. In the aspect of the company’s operation structure, it is a company that provides one-stop service. From selling, manufacturing, shipping, on-site installation to the after-sales, maintenance services. The customers can save a lot of time in communication by only speaking to one indicated sales person, he can deliver first hand information about the manufacturing progress, and reflect immediately the problem and give respective solutions by coordinating with the technical and manufacturing department. Comparing to most of the Chinese manufacturing companies that employ agent for international sells, it is one of the company’s strength due to more straightforward communication and faster response of problem solving.

In the aspect of its management and employees,

the company has 180 employees, 30 designers, and 8 sales persons with education background of engineering and management. The company’s strategy is bringing together old and new, traditional and innovative thinking. The existing employees share their experiences and professionality while the young employees who have brand new understanding about technology and management could bring a new sight for their old findings.

Mr. Zhang Xuejian, the owner of the company,

was also a member of the state-owned company, as a senior engineer, he himself had been devoted to the manufacturing and innovation of a series of heavy industrial technology, and when he found the blooming trend of biscuit machinery, he and his partners left the state-owned enterprise and together start the private owned company that focus only in the biscuit machines. By gaining the experience of working with engineers from different countries in the customer’s factories, they have been able to learn from the European standards and combine them to the designing of the equipment. Later, they hire the engineers who are the elites from various machinery industries, and brought them all the technics they know about biscuit machinery. A majority engineers in DSM today have an average of 15 years’ experiences in manufacturing biscuit machines.

A principle of inheritance is also the heart of the company.

More and more young blood are injected into the company’s organization, including the engineers, management team, sales person. They have inherited the experience from the old generation and combine them with their new era concept. With such combination, they could pursue the automatization, digitalization and intelligentization to an extreme extent. Base on the principle of ensuring functionality, to devote to the mechanical state-of-art and dedicated in making the equipment not only a product of consumerism, but also a product of art pieces.

Our Product


Baked potato chips line


Cookie line


Multi-functional line

Product Application

Biscuit Factory

Snack Factory

Production Equipment

Numerical-controlled machine , Milling machine, Boring machine, Laser machine, Grooving machine, Bending machine

Our service

Prior-sales stage

1.Visit potential customer
2.Find mutual understanding on customer’s need and our ability
3.Customized proposal

Sales on-progress

1.Finalize the solution and start production
2.Factory commissioning
3.On-time delivery
4.On-site Installation and commissioning
5.Get the satisfactory biscuit


24 hours on service

Engineers travel to the customer’s factory to make regular check and maintenance


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