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Dingson Food Machinery

DSM is a biscuit production line manufacturer established in 2000. It was founded by a group of engineers that worked for the state-owned company and has experienced 20 years’ development of its growing importance in the biscuit machinery industry.



Dingson Food Machinery is a biscuit manufacturing company that is located in Zhongshan, ጓንግዶንግ, ቻይና. It dedicated in the turn-key solution of biscuit processing equipment, which includes ingredient mixer, auto dough feeding system, biscuit forming section, baking oven, and after oven cooling and arranging system. The design philosophy of the company’s product are concentrated on automatization, ዲጂታላይዜሽን እና አረዳድ.


Advanced Equipment

DSM’s equipment has combined a series of superior technology that allow it to be outstanding among the numerous equipment manufacturing companies in China.

Production Market

Our customers are mainly concentrated in Asia, the Middle East,
the United States, Europe and Africa

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