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Fully Automatic

Potato Chips Production Line

The potato chip production line is fully automatic, simple to operate, and labor-saving. The equipment is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and meets hygienic standards. Different from typical fried potato chips, DSM production line is specifically designed for non-fry product. Rather than using fresh potato, it adopts potato starch and flour, by mixing these ingredients and flavors together, form the dough into the shape of chips and baked by gas tunnel oven, the process of frying is then skipped.

The key feature of the potato chip production line is its baking, it is done by gas tunnel oven, by selecting direct gas fired, convective or indirect convective baking method, can effectively control the temperature, humidity and air flow inside the baking chamber and achieve an ideal baking status of the chips. The optimal status of the baked chips is the even golden color, identical shape and crispy texture. After baking, the chips will be passing through a series of process of oil spray, seasoning, cooling, aligning, stacking, tray loading and packaging. The complete process will be in full automation and in the greatest extent save the manpower. This type of potato chips has become a trendy snack product in Asia market and popular among customers in different ages for its healthy concept.



300 kg-800 kg/hour



There are optional capacities of 300 kg-800 kg/hour upon request.


Standalone machine unit with independent control and cascade control


304 Stainless steel construction


Machine structure adopts food sanitation and safety criteria


Humanization design for easier operation, cleaning and maintenance


Food grade material for the area in contact with the products


Safety interlocks for avoiding injuries during operation and maintenance


Low variation of the baking oven temperature


Equipment complies FM global standard

flow chart

Raw material preparation → mixing → dough feeding → pre-sheeting → pressing → wavy pattern forming → dough sheet relaxing → rotary cut → scrap lift and return → baking → oil spray → seasoning → cooling → arranging → tray loading → packaging

(This is the basic configuration, please contact us for other special processes.)

Production line composition

The hard biscuit production line consists of horizontal mixer, dough feeding system, roll sheeter, gauge rolls, corrugating roller, relaxing conveyor, rotary cutter, scrap lift and return conveyor, hybrid gas baking oven, oil spray, seasoning sprinkler, cooling and arranging system.


Mix the flour with the ingredients of the recipe inside the mixer. The mixer equipped with feeding inlets on top for feeding water, oil, sugar and flavors. The flour can be feeding to the mixer through the raw material system wind pipe pumping, or manually pour inside the mixing tank.

Dough feeding system

The dough feeding system consists of tub lifter or tilter, dough cutter and dough feeding conveyor. Through a lifting and tilting action to dump the dough into the dough cutter, after cutting the dough into pieces, transfer to the hopper of forming machine by a feeding conveyor.

Roll sheeter

A dough pre-sheeting machine that is consisted of 3 to 7 rollers. It presses the dough pieces into dough sheet before it enters the gauge rolls. On top of the roll sheeter is a feeding hopper, which has a segregation wall for dividing the new dough and recycled dough. The recycled dough will enter the bottom of the roller and pressed under the layer of the new dough.

Gauge rolls

A set of dough sheeting group with three to four gauge roll units, to achieve the required thickness of the dough sheet. The overall construction of the gauge rolls are stainless steel, the driving part is covered by transparent plexiglass, for easier observation of the machine running. Each set of gauge rolls has adjusting wheel, to manually adjust the roller gap, which influences the thickness of the dough sheet. The gap can also be automatically adjusted with parameter setting on the HMI.

Corrugating roller

It is a unit positioned after the gauge rolls and before the rotary cutter specifically for potato chips forming. The main function is to press the wavy shape of the chips.

Relaxing conveyor

The function of relaxing conveyor is to release the tension of the dough sheet after pressing by a group of rollers, to make sure the dough sheet will not shrink during its baking inside the oven.

Rotary cutter

Engrave and cut the dough sheet into desired biscuit shape and pattern. Synchronization of the moulding roll and cutting roll so to make sure the dough piece is cut right after engraving.

Scrap lift and return conveyor

On the exit of the rotary cutter, make sure the cut dough pieces can be immediately separated from the rest dough sheet. The scrap will be lifted and separated from the dough pieces by an inclined conveyor and returned to the hopper of roll sheeter by a cross return conveyor.

Hybrid gas baking oven

Combination of two baking type of the oven. It is commonly adopted in many biscuit lines and also the potato chips line for achieving better baking effects. It combines the advantages and weaken the disadvantages of the different baking methods by reasonably distribute the oven zones. The selection of the baking zones could result in difference of colors, taste and texture.

Cooling conveyor

Cooling conveyor is to make use of the ambient temperature to naturally cool down the baked biscuits. It adopts food grade PU belt, make sure the sanitation and edibility of the product. Cooling conveyor can be designed to U shape and Z shape to fit the space of customer’s factory.

Semi automatic solution

Biscuit stacker

To stack up the biscuits to packing format through differential speed of two conveyors or starwheel rotation to flip up the biscuits.

Packing table

The packing table of biscuit production line is for operators to manually pick up the stacked biscuits and transfer to the packaging machine.

Full automatic solution

Biscuit stacker

To stack up the biscuits to packing format through differential speed of two conveyors or starwheel rotation to flip up the biscuits.

Tray distribution and loading system

The automatic tray distribution device will deliver the tray to the loading position and the mechanical arm of the loading system will grab the potato chips in length and loading to the tray.

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The compound potato chips production line adopts potato starch and flour as raw materials, by mixing the ingredients, press into dough sheet, continuous sheeting and rotary cut forming it has turned the material into the shape of sliced potato chips. The gas tunnel oven baking, oil spraying, seasoning had extracted the flavor of potato. It becomes a new trend of the snack product and chips product by adopting low volume of oil and achieve the very similar texture and flavor of the fried potato chips. Compare to fried potato chips production line, it allows a more hygienic area for reducing the wastes and oil consumption. Less cleaning is required as the excessive dough will be returned and pressed under the new dough, the oil spray also equipped with oil return system and oil mist processor to ensure no leakage of the oil.

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