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  • Biscuit Cooling Conveyor And Automatic Handling System
Biscuit Cooling Conveyor And Automatic Handling System
  • Biscuit Cooling Conveyor
    Biscuit Cooling Conveyor This cooling conveyor tunnel is used for cooling down the biscuits after baking, in order to make the products completely cool down for arranging and packaging. The design of this cooling conveyor may be varied subject to the different requirements and site environment.    
  • Biscuit Curve Conveyor
    Biscuit Curve Conveyor The biscuits after baking continue their cooling process. Using this curve roller conveyor to change the conveying direction to practically occupy the site space. This unit is using polyurethane conveyor belt with excellent smooth biscuits transfer.     — ♦ Application ♦ — The curve…
  • Biscuit Breaker
    Biscuit Breaker Machine Biscuit breaker machine is for breaking and stacking the continuous sheet of a soda cracker. After baking, the unit will break the continuous sheet of soda cracker in cross direction. After that, the unit will cut the broken pieces in straight direction to enable the…
  • Biscuit Packing Table
    Biscuit Packing Table The packing table is in the after-cooling section of a biscuit production line, its main purpose is to convey the biscuits after arrangement to the packaging machine.     — ♦ Application ♦ — The machine is positioned after the biscuit stacker, for packing the aligned biscuits after…
  • Auto-feeding System For Sandwich Machine
    Auto-feeding System For Sandwich Machine An automatic feeding system for sandwich machine is an arranging system for base biscuits of sandwich product such as Oreo. It can automatically align and distribute the biscuits to multiple lanes and divert them to separate sandwich machine/creamer in high speed and minimum…
  • Auto-Feeding System For Horizontal Packaging Machine
    Auto-Feeding System For Horizontal Packaging Machine Auto-feeding system for packaging machine is to arrange and feed the finished biscuit products after cooling and sandwiching to various types of packaging machines. The biscuits can be automatically feeding to the packaging machine in multiple ways and the design principle is…
  • Sweeper
    Sweeper This machine is mainly used for the auto-feeding of finished biscuit product to the slug packer. It is to be positioned in the after-cooling and after-sandwiching section in a biscuit production line. Its function is to horizontally sweep the biscuits and change the orientation of the biscuits…
  • PDS For Vertical Packaging Machine
    PDS For Vertical Packaging Machine  PDS (Product Distribution System) for vertical packaging machine is a biscuit feeding system to vertical packer in the after cooling section. It is used for biscuits that do not need alignment for tray loading. The biscuits are packed in bulk.    
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