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Biscuit Forming Machine
  • Laminator
    Laminator The machine is to pre-sheet and laminate the dough into multiple layers of dough sheet to form the the special structure of cracker/soda biscuits. It has vertical and horizontal design depending on the length and height of the plant layout. The vertical laminator occupies a compact horizontal…
  • Roll Sheeter
    Roll Sheeter Roll sheeter is used in a rotary cut forming section of a hard biscuits/compound potato chips production line. It is positioned before the gauge roll sets for the pre-sheeting of cut dough pieces. It can be equipped with 3 rolls, 5 rolls or 7 rolls in…
  • Gauge Rolls
    Gauge Rolls This unit is designed and developed to reduce the thickness of a continuous dough sheet, and they are made with a pair of high quality chilled iron casting steel material.     — ♦ Application ♦ — The gauge rolls are positioned in the forming section…
  • Relaxing Conveyor
    Relaxing Conveyor This unit is to relax the dough sheet prior to transferring to the rotary cutter — ♦ Application ♦ — The relaxing conveyor is to release the tension inside the dough sheet resulted from continuous pressing as to avoid shrinkage inside the baking oven.…
  • Rotary Moulder
    Rotary Moulder This unit is completed with three independent drives for forcing roll, moulding roll and conveyor. It equips with the adjustments of the pressure of the rubber roll, the position of the forcing roll and the position of the scraper.     — ♦ Application ♦ — …
  • Rotary Cutter For Hard Or Soda Biscuit
    Rotary Cutter For Hard Or Soda Biscuit Rotary Cutter may have two types: one is single cutter and the other one is double cutters’ system. Both of them may be continuously embossing and perforating the dough pieces.     — ♦ Application ♦ — Rotary Cutter may have…
  • Stamping Machine
    Stamping Machine  This machine is used in the forming section of a hard biscuit production line, positioned after the laminator and gauge rolls. It adopts oscillating movement to stamp on continuous dough sheet to form biscuits in different shapes and patterns before it enters the baking oven.  
  • Scrap Lift Passing Conveyor
    Scrap Lift Passing Conveyor The unit is to separate the engraved dough pieces from the dough sheet and return the scrap dough to the hopper by return conveyor.     — ♦ Application ♦ — The scrap lift and return conveyor is connected to the output of rotary…
  • Panner
    Panner — ♦ Application ♦ — Panner feeding to the oven band and to provide accurate placement of the dough pieces on the oven band without distortion Operating belt width is designed for 1300mm Blade mounted at the outfeed end for giving the optimum and smooth transfer…
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