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Baked Potato Chips Production Line

  • Roll Sheeter

    Roll Sheeter     Roll sheeter is used in a rotary cut forming section of a hard biscuits/compound potato chips production line. It is positioned before the gauge roll sets for the pre-sheeting of cut dough pieces. It can be equipped with 3 rolls, 5 rolls or 7 rolls in…
  • Gauge Rolls

    Gauge Rolls     This unit is designed and developed to reduce the thickness of a continuous dough sheet, and they are made with a pair of high quality chilled iron casting steel material.     — ♦ Application ♦ —   The gauge rolls are positioned in the forming section…
  • Relaxing Conveyor

    Relaxing Conveyor     This unit is to relax the dough sheet prior to transferring to the rotary cutter     — ♦ Application ♦ —   The relaxing conveyor is to release the tension inside the dough sheet resulted from continuous pressing as to avoid shrinkage inside the baking oven.…
  • Rotary Cutter For Potato Chips

    Rotary Cutter For Potato Chips     Rotary Cutter may have two types: one is single cutter and the other one is double cutters’ system. Both of them may be continuously embossing and perforating the dough pieces.     — ♦ Application ♦ —   Rotary Cutter may have two types:…
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