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Cookie Biscuit Production Line

  • Cookie Depositor (Single Color)

    Cookie Depositor (Single Color)      This machine is mainly used for depositing single color cookies. It can achieve the spiral shape of the deposited cookie dough through rotating nozzles. It is applicable for semi-liquidated dough or softer dough that are more flexible to squeeze and form shape.  …
  • Depositing And Encrusting

    Depositing And Encrusting   This machine is mainly used for cookies with single or twin colors of the encrusted layer and one center filling. The equipment heads are mounted on a base that has a servo-driven pacing mechanism together with a servo-driven up/down motion of the plastic conveyor belt.  …
  • Biscuit Cooling Conveyor

    Biscuit Cooling Conveyor     This cooling conveyor tunnel is used for cooling down the biscuits after baking, in order to make the products completely cool down for arranging and packaging. The design of this cooling conveyor may be varied subject to the different requirements and site environment.    …
  • Biscuit Curve Conveyor

    Biscuit Curve Conveyor     The biscuits after baking continue their cooling process. Using this curve roller conveyor to change the conveying direction to practically occupy the site space. This unit is using polyurethane conveyor belt with excellent smooth biscuits transfer.     — ♦ Application ♦ —   The curve…
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