Production technology for baked potato chips

Sharing the similar forming and baking technology with biscuit product, the baked potato chips are different from the traditional fried potato chips. The traditional potato chips and baked potato chips can be distinguished by ingredient preparation, forming and baking process. Despite of so many differences, the baked potato chips have very similar crispy texture and flavor as fried potato chips.
















Within the categories of potato chips, there are different forming processes that divide them into different shapes and texture. Below paragraphs will be introducing the different types of non-fry potato chips product and their production technologies.


Compound potato chips









Ingredient: potato starch

This is a type of potato chips that is most similar to the traditional potato chips, from its shape, color, texture and flavor. The biggest difference is that it is not using fresh potato but potato starch, and its production technology has not adopted fry. The potato starch and other ingredients are mixed to dough by horizontal mixer or through continuous flour mixing system, when the mixed flour keeps transporting to the forming section, the raw ingredients are continuously feeding to the mixing system. The loose dough after mixing is delivered to the roll sheeter and a set of gauge rolls for becoming thin dough sheet. During the sheeting process, it will pass by a corrugating roll that press the dough sheet to wavy pattern. It is usually baked by hybrid oven with direct gas fired and indirect gas fired after rotary cutting. Better to be baked with steel band.


Fresh cut potato chips (imitate)

Ingredient: potato starch

This type of potato chips are imitating fresh cut potato chips product. The production technology is the same as compound potato chips, mixed to dough by horizontal mixer, pressed to dough sheet by roll sheeter and gauge rolls, engraved and cut by rotary cutter and then baked by gas tunnel oven. It requires twice oil spray before and after the oven, extra oil will be drained by a wire mesh conveyor and only minimum level of oil remain on the surface of the product. Its feature is the irregular or hexagonal shape of the chips. Also, after baking it will have irregular expansion, with bigger bubble in random spot, to achieve the visual effect of fresh cut potato chips.






Mini chips

Ingredients: potato starch

This is one of the earliest snack product launched in Chinese market, its feature is small, hard and crispy and with onion and flavor seasoning. The raw ingredient of the mini chips is potato starch. Potato starch and other ingredients are mixed to dough by horizontal mixer, loose dough feeding to the roll sheeter for pre-sheeting, then enter a set of gauge rolls for pressing to thinner dough sheet layer. The dough sheet will be engraved and cut by rotary cutter, baked by hybrid oven with direct gas fired and indirect fired baking, then have seasoning all over the baked product.






1mm crispy thin

Ingredient: fresh potato

This is the healthiest product among the potato chips categories. Steam the raw potato and mashed to soft and non-particles, mix it into the dough with horizontal mixer. After roll sheeter and a set of gauge rolls, pressed to thin dough sheet, formed by rotary cutter, sent to the baking oven. Since it is very thin and crispy, also with its delicate feature, the seasoning is only on top of the product, which is after baking. It is a type of biscuits, but can also be categorized as a potato chips product with its thin and crispy feature.






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