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Selection of Dough Mixer for Mass Production of Different Type of Cookies

In our daily routine, the way we consume a bakery product such as cakes, breads and cookies can be divided into two. Either from bakery shop, family kitchen and cafeteria, or the grocery stores, supermarket and online wholesalers. The former presents a light luxurious lifestyle in a slow and relax pace and the latter presents a lifestyle that pursues convenience and fast living pace. The cakes, breads and cookies that we get from a bakery shop, cafeteria or family kitchen, the process before putting into an oven are done manually. It is more time consuming and the result of the production are only enough to be consumed by a small group of people. However, the product we buy from a supermarket or online store, they are manufactured in millions of pieces and can be consumed by thousands of people in different cities and countries daily.


The different purposes of the product decide different production process, so as the production devices and equipment. To achieve a mass production of bakery products in short amount of time and allow continuous production in 24 hours, it will require full automatic equipment. For examples, the industrial dough mixer are equipped with stainless steel blades that is capable of mixing hundreds of kgs or tons of dough in one hour. The mixing speed and mixing time are preset and stored as recipe to meet the requirement of different product. Only by pressing start and selecting the recipe, the mixer will automatically start mixing the dough and automatically stop after the required mixing time is finished. The kneading strength of the mixing blade is constant and it has equipped with water circulation jacket for the bowl to maintain the temperature of the dough. Compared to manual mixing, it is more accurate and efficient.


For mixing dough with different characteristics, DSM supplies a wide range of mixers that cover all types of bakery products’ mixing. They are divided to categories as below:


  1. Horizontal Dough Mixer: With one horizontal shaftless blade, can evenly knead the soft dough and hard dough, for digestive biscuits and hard biscuits.
  2. Vertical Dough Mixer (>600KG): With two vertical blades that can mix the hard dough for less than 600kg capacity.
  3. Vertical Dough Mixer (<600KG): With three vertical blades that can mix the hard dough for up to 1 ton capacity.
  4. Planetary mixer: With two self rotating blades and one revolutionary bell that rotates around the blades. It can be adopted to mix cream and cookie batter, the dough with higher content of liquid and fats.


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