• Selection of Dough Mixer for Mass Production of Different Type of Cookies

    In our daily routine, the way we consume a bakery product such as cakes, breads and cookies can be divided into two. Either from bakery shop, family kitchen and cafeteria, or the grocery stores, supermarket and online wholesalers. The former presents a light luxurious lifestyle in a slow and relax…
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  • Technology for Biscuit Dough

    In terms of producing bakery products such as biscuits, cookies and cake, it has strict requirement to the selection of materials, mixing process, forming and baking technics. The first critical process is for the selection of materials, it determines the shape and structure of the dough, which indirectly result in…
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  • Multifunctional Applications of Industrial Scale Baking Oven

    When we mention industrial baking oven, the first thing comes to mind is that they are for large scale production lines, usually used for food factory, the capacity is in hundreds of kilograms or even tons, which are not suitable for home made purposes. To purchase an industrial baking oven,…
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  • Biscuits and Leisure Products

    Biscuit has become our daily consumption for a long time, unlike bread and cake, they have longer shelf life and can be stored in ambient temperature for months, no need to be refrigerated or heated. It used to be distinguished from snacks because of its simple design and single taste, but…
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